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3 Steps for Improving Tradeshow Follow-up

3 Steps for Improving Tradeshow Follow-up

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

Yes, they’re time intensive and traveling around the country can surely be a pain.
But industry events can also be an abundant source of qualified leads, provided you act quickly before they go cold. 

1. Establish a system. Activity can be chaotic, so be sure that your booth team is single-minded and systematic in how it gathers, handles and processes leads (and any anecdotal notes or observations staffers may have). 

2. Clean up the list before giving it to the sales team. Remove duplicates and fill in informational gaps. Mark each contact as cold, warm or hot so eager closers know whom to target. 

3. Act quickly. According to, half of all buyers choose the vendor who follows up with them first. So, mark the hot ones within 24 hours and beat competitors to the punch.


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