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Dynamic Direct Mail

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Get to know Dynamic DirectMail

Dynamic DirectMail tracks direct mail campaigns while maximizing impressions with digital platforms.

Why Dynamic DirectMail works

Dynamic DirectMail uses an omnichannel marketing approach that creates multiple impressions from a single mailer using seven technologies such as Informed Delivery, Social Match, and Lead Match.

But what makes this better than other direct mail campaigns, you ask?

Each mailer receives a specific MID code in the barcode that tracks the mailer’s location. This lets you know when your mailpiece is waiting in the client’s mailbox. From there, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are cross-matched with the same mailing list used for your campaign. This means your audience now sees online ads for your business before, during, and after the physical advertisement arrives! 

7 technologies that maximize exposure and engagement for direct mail campaigns

Put the right information in front of valuable consumers

Start with quality information you have on hand. Use your current business registers and email lists to reconnect with past customers. Tailor your marketing that resonates with your existing clients, especially with loyal followers.

Looking to gain new leads and grow your database? Not a problem. We provide data services such as list acquisition that target your ideal audience. We will connect you with new clients through advanced targeting based on features such as consumer behavior, geographic locations, and specific demographics.


Track your advertisements in real-time

See real-time data for your campaigns in your personalized dashboard. As a result, you will see:

  • If mail pieces arrived at their location
  • How many times your digital ads appeared to your target audience
  • The number of people that visited your website

Let’s talk costs

Target desired audiences for pennies per household. Pricing varies depending on a few factors, such as the print format you choose to use, the number of direct mail campaigns deployed, or your target market locations. Dynamark’s sales team will help you put together a campaign plan that maximizes your advertising efforts. 

Ready to get started with Dynamic DirectMail?

From printing postcards to online advertising, we continue to find innovative ways to drive results. In other words, we help connect your customers to your business.

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