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With a Little Faith and a Lot of Perseverance

With a Little Faith and a Lot of Perseverance

in Case Studies


An accomplished faith-based author had just written her first book and was in need of a website to launch and sell it. Her goal was to develop a personal relationship with local bookstores and buyers via in-person signing events.


We developed a targeted, integrated marketing campaign designed to reach her niche market. It was comprised of the following deliverables:

  • Direct mail to local churches and religious bookstores promoting a “meet & greet” book signing, with an incentive of a complimentary copy of her book.
  • Creation of several promotional products including: a tablecloth, posters, t-shirts, tote bags, bookmarks, lapel pins, cups, wristbands, dog tags, and calendar magnets.
  • A website with an online storefront for selling the book and merchandise, including a fulfillment program.
  • Social media presence and a quick tour of best practices so she could self-manage the sites.
  •  Two additional direct mail campaigns were launched to target local residents


The direct mail resulted in eight bookstore signings, one meeting, three speaking engagements, 11 complimentary book requests and 83 responses via email expressing interest in the book.

Several bookstores purchased an inventory of her book to sell. The website’s online storefront accounted for 87% of book sales, 9% were from Amazon and 3.7% were from the Apple channel. Due to the personalized aspect of the campaign, the author forged strong professional relationships with the local bookstores  selling her book, achieving her initial goal.