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Web to Print and Centralized Fulfillment Helps Control Printing Costs

Web to Print and Centralized Fulfillment Helps Control Printing Costs

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Case Study



The corporate office of a health and fitness club with 12 locations was experiencing much inconsistency with their brand identity due to each location ordering their own materials from a local printer. The company overspent on smaller print runs for each location and found that these expenses were often wasted on inventory that often became obsolete due to ongoing changes. Across the company, printing costs were very high and the corporate office did not have a handle on the quality and consistency of materials each location was using.


Dynamark redesigned all office forms and marketing materials to accommodate a shell printing approach, eliminating redundancy and allowing for larger print runs of the initial shells. Then, all items were catalogued and uploaded to our online Web to Print solution, so that each location can order what they need, 24/7.  The shell printing approach helped them manage their brand integrity and consistency. Even though our Web to Print system is an easy to use, traditional shopping cart style ordering system, we developed a training guidebook to help this client train each of their locations on how to order items.


By ganging up orders across locations and printing only twice per month and providing “pick-and-pack” fulfillment as needed, we helped this company realize a 50% decrease in their companywide printing costs while improving brand consistency.


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