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Wall Graphics Project – a wild success for tiny clients

Wall Graphics Project – a wild success for tiny clients

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St. Martha’s Pediatric Care is a large multi-location medical practice specializing in pediatrics. Their offices were drab and sterile-looking and they wanted to convey a more welcoming and child-friendly image throughout their offices. 


After touring their facilities, and collaborating with their marketing director, we designed a jungle-themed wall mural for the lobby of each location. Each of the animals depicted in the mural—a giraffe, a cow, an alligator, a hippo, a lion and a slot—are the theme for each of the exam rooms. Matching cut vinyl footprints of each animal were placed on the floor for children to follow to his/her exam room. So, when a child is asked to lead the way to the “lion room”, they follow the lion footprints to a room completely designed in a lion theme.

Additionally, the lobby art also serves as an “eye spy” puzzle containing objects and animals hidden within the jungle. Each little patient is given a list of hidden objects to find. The front desk has an answer card for the parent to help the child. This puzzle helps the children pass time while waiting to be shown to their room.


St. Martha’s was thrilled with the look and is implementing the new theme across all its pediatric offices. Some offices have even incorporated wraps on their front doors making them look like a secret entrance. Both parents and office staff have appreciated having this built-in activity for children in the waiting room.

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