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Unique Direct Mail Increases Store Traffic

Unique Direct Mail Increases Store Traffic

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Case Study


The owner of a local grocery store was looking for ways to reach out to the community to increase foot traffic into his store to generate more sales. Due to high unemployment in the area and rising food costs, his regular customers were spending less, thus he wanted to attract new customers as well as show appreciation to existing customers.


Dynamark created a promotional campaign that included an interactive direct mail program using two identical 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles. One of the puzzles was put together with the exception of five pieces and kept on display at the grocery store. Each piece of the second puzzle was mailed to prospects and customers along with a promotional flyer containing a message from the storeowner encouraging them to come into the store to see if their puzzle piece was one of the missing pieces to complete the puzzle. Each of the five puzzle piece recipients received a store gift certificate in one of five different denominations, and everyone who came into the store with their puzzle piece received a gift certificate for a discount off their next purchase.


The grocery store received a 27.3% response to this mailing (273 puzzle pieces were brought into the store.) Sales were increased by $5,200 just during the one-week redemption period and the cost to run the promotion was only $900.