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Turnkey Signage Kit Helps Retailer Manage Local Promotions

Turnkey Signage Kit Helps Retailer Manage Local Promotions

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The executive vice president of a large clothing retail chain, Urban American, needed the ability to execute in-store promotions quicker. She wanted to execute promotional plans immediately without having to wait for creative, production and signage delivery to the stores. Each store needed independent flexibility and modularity with their signage. 


The solution developed was an interchangeable multi-piece sign kit that allows stores to select sales and promotions as needed from pre-printed, easy-to-install signs. The process started with several meetings to determine what kind of promotions they wanted to run, and on which products. The promotions were broken down into simple categories. Separate signs were printed for each category, which allowed the stores to use the signs as puzzle pieces to truly create promotions on the fly from the preprinted signs. The signs were printed double-sided on polystyrene and hung in the store windows using an easy-to-assemble hook kit. The signage is visible from inside and outside of the store. 


The customer achieved their goal of being able to immediately execute in-store promotions without hesitation, no longer waiting for creative, production and delivery. In addition, the sign solution has given them an almost instant ROI as the shipping charges they used to incur with repeat multiple shipments to numerous stores, was eliminated. They now have an asset they can build on.