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Trade Show Investment Maximized With Lead Generation Campaign

Trade Show Investment Maximized With Lead Generation Campaign

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Case Study


Due to an overall sales decline of 30% in their industry, a fire and safety equipment company wanted to improve lead generation and sales across a two-state territory.


To help this company, Dynamark created a unique lead generation program—an integrated direct marketing campaign to push a particular product to market in these areas. Both current and prospective clients were targeted. The direct marketing campaign began with a direct mail postcard that included a personalized URL and an attached business card magnet. The call to action was a direction to visit the personalized URL to view a video demonstration of the product. When the recipient visited their personalized web page they were asked a few questions about their equipment buying habits and were entered into a drawing to win one of the company’s pieces of equipment. Messaging on this postcard invited the recipient to visit the company’s booth at an upcoming trade show.

At the first trade show, a postcard similar to the one mailed earlier but without the magnet, was used as a handout piece. This card had a generic URL on it that directed recipients to the same web page, questions, and drawing entry as the first. The third touch of this direct marketing campaign was an email to all respondents that visited their personalized web page from both the first postcard mailer and the trade show. The email was a reminder to visit the company at their second trade show.


The company’s lead generation goals were met. They received a 20% response from the integrated direct marketing campaign. Of those, 6.5% purchased the product. To-date they have generated more than $40,000 in profit. For every dollar a customer spent, they received a return of more than $6 in profit.