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Signs, Posters and Banners Drive Dollars to Business

Signs, Posters and Banners Drive Dollars to Business

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Reliable Valet was accustomed to providing routine valet parking services for their biggest client, a super mall. The mall, seeing an opportunity to capitalize on the heavy demand for holiday parking, asked Reliable to create a membership-based, reserved parking program for the holiday season. They set a goal of selling 500 memberships. If successful, the program would be implemented permanently. Because Reliable would share in the additional revenue they generated, they were eager to create a successful campaign and meet the mall’s goal.


We immediately recognized the need to create awareness about the program and to organize its execution so that memberships could be turned into useable data. Since the target audience for the program would be mobile—either walking or driving in their cars—we knew that large, eye-catching signage would be the most effective way to get the word out. We designed a promotional campaign that included large-format posters as well as outdoor banners sourced from our promotional products vendor. The large-format output was variably sized, mounted and finished, and placed strategically on metal stands and frames throughout the mall and at the valet counter. Outdoors, multiple blade flags and windjammers raised awareness and directed drivers to valet locations. In addition, we designed and printed a member welcome packet, padded registration forms to capture data, and even created water bottle labels and parking stickers. To add an extra touch, we provided embroidered polo shirts, hats and jackets for the parking attendants.


Reliable Valet successfully enrolled 1,766 new members in the reserved parking space program, exceeding their goal by over 300%. A brief survey at the end of the registration process revealed that 92% of the members were alerted to the program by the signage, which 99% said was well placed, clear and easy to read. The program was so successful that it will run at the mall year-round, and will be rolled out at other malls for the next holiday season.