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Signage Upgrade Boosts Credit Union Traffic

Signage Upgrade Boosts Credit Union Traffic

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Toward the end of a long but successful rebrand, this credit union in the midwest faced the final, daunting task of aligning internal and external signage in nine branch offices with its all-new branded look and feel. The final step: design and implement a cost-effective replacement for aging wall signs, monument signs and digital signs within 90 days or less.


Our solution included a detailed plan for satisfying local ordinances and for addressing other possible administrative obstacles. For all office exteriors, we recommended internally illuminated monument signs; for the interiors, we proposed an updated digital signs system, including smart displays with messaging that could be quickly changed or updated for new promotions and products.


The client expressed deep satisfaction with every aspect of their signage upgrade. Very soon after installing all the new signs, our client reported a noticeable uptick in member traffic in eight of the nine branches. They received several compliments about the upgraded outdoor monuments, and universally positive feedback about the digital messaging displays.  


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