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Signage – New transit agency’s ticket to success

Signage – New transit agency’s ticket to success

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The good news for this small-county transportation agency was that they received significant federal funding to transform its tiny, private bus service into a regional mass-transit entity. The bad news was that, despite their enthusiasm for growth, in-house marketers had little experience rolling out large-scale rider-awareness or bus-signage programs.


Our recommendation centered on professional-quality sign design and production. After reviewing client specs for readability, durability and weather resistance, we chose appropriate combinations for color, reflectivity, shape and size. In total, we produced and installed 472 bus stop signs, 223 route signs, and 22 transfer-location signs.


Six months after launch, the agency told us that results had far exceeded their expectations. Ridership in their largest and second- largest service areas increased 31% and 37% respectively, while outlying boroughs received a 46% boost. An agency-sponsored survey also revealed that 77% of their regional constituents acknowledged seeing signage for the new mass-transit system.