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Signage Bolsters Sales for Specialty Salon

Signage Bolsters Sales for Specialty Salon

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Haute Locks is a specialty salon that offers shampooing and styling only, providing a convenient, cost-effective alternative to visiting a full-service salon for a wash and blow dry. The company has 14 locations, and its own line of hair-care and styling products, which represent a high-margin opportunity. However, the marketing director felt that the stylists were not doing an adequate job of promoting and selling these items, and wanted to find another way to raise awareness and increase sales. 


Because Haute Locks clients are a captive audience while in the styling chair and the salon, we proposed a point-of-purchase (POP) campaign that would raise awareness of their products and help drive sales. 

The campaign included large posters, which were displayed in the waiting area, and banners, which hung from the high ceilings and created a dramatic effect. The marketing director identified five products the company wanted to “push,” and window clings featuring those products were designed and affixed to the mirrors in each styling station. Table tents were also placed at each station and throughout the salon. 

All items in the POP kit contained QR codes, which led to a custom mobile website. The website featured all of the products, videos with helpful styling tips, and a 20% discount coupon that was redeemable immediately. There were also links to share the offer on Facebook and Twitter. 


The promotion was a staggering success. Each of the 14 stores reported higher product sales over the six-month campaign, with the leading store increasing sales 1,000% over the previous six months. Across all stores, sales jumped $298,000 over the previous six-month period. There were 3,048 unique QR code scans, and a 22% coupon redemption rate. Haute Locks plans to run POP campaigns seasonally.

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