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Retail Store Gains New Customers With Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Retail Store Gains New Customers With Effective Direct Mail Campaign

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Case Study


A high-end men’s clothing store had been struggling in recent years due to the acceptance of casual attire in many businesses. The store’s staff of tailors focus their attention on men who do not commonly buy clothing off the rack. The storeowner recently learned of a nearby competitor that was going out of business and thought this would be a good time to step up his marketing.


We suggested to this storeowner that he purchase the customer list of the closing competitor and aggressively market to these new prospects. He agreed and we worked with him to upgrade his direct mail pieces from 2-color to 4-color for future seasonal sales event mailings. Four mailings were planned for each event over the next two-year period during each spring, summer, fall and holiday season: two to their existing customer list and two to the purchased prospect list. The direct mail pieces were mailed over time to avoid overwhelming crowds at the store, which might result in a poor first impression for the new shoppers. Also, the start date of the sales events was split for each season’s sale allowing half the list an earlier start date for the sale. Existing customers received a postcard mailer similar to ones they had received in the past, but the new prospects received a fold-over direct mail brochure with more details and more color photos of the store’s interior so they knew what to expect in the store.


After the first series of four mailers, customer sales increased more than 30% in an industry that was flat and the store gained about 40 new customers. The storeowner was so happy with the direct mail campaign results that he moved his marketing budget for TV and radio into direct marketing and is considering more direct mail and integrated direct marketing.