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Professional Graphic Design Helps Company Launch New Product Line

Professional Graphic Design Helps Company Launch New Product Line

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Naturally-So Cosmetics produces organic soaps, cleansers, lotions and other beauty products.  All items are sold only through local specialty boutiques, but Mary, the owner of the company, is considering expanding and offering her products online.  She just created a special new product line and wanted to create a unique look and brand for it.  This time frame also seemed like a good opportunity for her to get serious about building her own website.  She knew she had a loyal following of customers that used her products, but she wasn’t actively marketing to them.


We designed a product logo and other design elements that branded the entire line of new products and also designed and printed marketing materials to help Mary introduce the products.  The items we created included: point of sale brochures, flyers, postcards, packaging inserts that described the organic ingredients used to make the products,   and an invitation to a product rollout event.

To help Naturally-So expand, we also created a new e-commerce website that allowed Mary to showcase all of her products and accept orders online.  We helped her with the website design, copywriting, photo gallery, and search engine optimization so that her site and products would be easily found.  We added a link on the website for her to collect email addresses so she can communicate with prospects and customers through email marketing campaigns.  We have already designed an email template to match the look and feel of the website, and soon Mary will be sending out her first email promotion.


Many of the specialty boutiques that carry Naturally-So products reported to Mary that their customers have purchased more of the new product line items, due in part to the line’s unique branded look.  Sales have increased both through the local stores and online, and now Mary’s company has grown faster than she even imagined!