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Personalized Direct Mail Cures a Pharmacy’s Ailing Campaign

Personalized Direct Mail Cures a Pharmacy’s Ailing Campaign

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Companion Care Rx is a full-service veterinary pharmacy. Working with veterinarians, the company mails reminders to pet owners whose pet medications need refilling. They also provide easy reordering and home delivery service. For years, staff members had been spending up to 14 hours per week printing, folding and inserting plain-looking form letters that were then mailed with first-class postage. It was an inefficient, dreaded task, postage costs ran high, and response rates were stuck in the low single digits. They needed a solution that reduced labor and postage costs and achieved a higher response rate. They also wanted to improve the look and quality of this marketing vehicle.


We knew right away that Companion Care Rx was a perfect candidate for a personalized direct mail campaign. The data they had on their customers was good, it was just a matter of making it work for them. After consulting with their manager, we agreed to design a full-color variable data postcard – which would also reduce their postage costs.  The postcard contained variable elements to mail merge the pet’s name, the pet’s owner’s name, prescription type, and prescription discount amount. To further customize it, the image on the postcard changed depending on whether the appointment reminder was for a cat or dog.

Once a week, Companion Care Rx exports and emails a list to us from its customer database, which provides all of the variable data. We print and mail the personalized postcards within 24 hours.


Companion Care Rx was thrilled with the new direct mail program. A task that previously took them up to 14 hours per week now takes only 15 minutes, greatly increasing staff productivity. The switch from mailing first class envelopes to postcards put them on course to save $9,000 annually, and response rates climbed from low single digits to 14%. The manager believes that their letters used to be thrown away as junk mail. Now, veterinarians tell her that their customers put the postcards on their refrigerators. Companion Care Rx plans to use this variable data marketing strategy and direct mail program indefinitely.



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