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Online Storefront The right Rx for This Healthcare Client

Online Storefront The right Rx for This Healthcare Client

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To leverage the booming demand for its meal-delivery systems, a regional healthcare food service company instituted an aggressive sales strategy for its national sales force. The 21-member team embraced the challenge but soon encountered difficulties obtaining marketing materials from corporate. Short-staffed and busy, the corporate marketing department couldn’t keep up with the fulfillment of orders for the marketing materials. Seeking a solution, the marketing director contacted us.


Having seen the challenge before, we suggested an online storefront – a secure portal which not only gave reps instant, 24/7 access to existing sales collateral but also allowed the corporate marketing team to quickly add and update resources, as needed. Online capabilities grew to include: on-demand ordering of printed brochures, flyers, and tradeshow materials; a customizable sales-letter library; branded, downloadable PowerPoint templates and presentations; business cards; branded apparel and promotional items. 


Expanding their selection of on-demand prospecting and follow-up tools quickly improved the sales team’s effectiveness at every stage of the selling process. The corporate office also leveraged the storefront’s deep inventory reporting capabilities, comparing each salesperson’s ordering history with monthly sales results, while identifying areas where more sales and product training might be needed. 


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