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Online Storefront Gives Camp’s Newsletter a Digital Makeover

Online Storefront Gives Camp’s Newsletter a Digital Makeover

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For years, Grizzly Ridge Summer Youth Camp has distributed a 4-color printed newsletter to update families, donors and alumni, and inform them of upcoming programs.  After learning that many in the Grizzly Ridge community preferred to receive news in a digital, mobile-friendly format, camp leaders and staff began exploring options in-house. Enthusiasm for ‘going digital’ was high. But the need for outside expertise soon became apparent.   


Since we had been printing and helping fulfill the camp’s traditional newsletter, they came to us first–with a list of ‘must-have’ features for its digital replacement. It had to be visually interesting, easy to navigate and flawless on a mobile device. We proposed an interactive, online version, designed to engage viewers with clickable page-turning, audible sounds and embedded video. We also suggested keeping the printed piece and using it to drive readers to its new, online counterpart. 


The newsletter’s digital makeover not only gave camp leaders another touchpoint to leverage, it expanded their visibility into user-content engagement and social-media sharing. The newfound ability to track and measure readers’ activity – including clicks, navigation, shares, and most/least popular articles – enabled the client to refine and strengthen its marketing (and content-marketing) programs