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Online Storefront Boosts Realtor Recruitment and Marketing

Online Storefront Boosts Realtor Recruitment and Marketing

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Even in a good market, selling real estate is a challenging and competitive endeavor, a fact driven home by our recent engagement with Ohana Mist Realtors. Seeking to best local competitors through superior promotion and agent recruitment, Ohana Mist’s marketing director approached us, looking for answers to both of these critical business issues.


Our experience with realtors quickly pointed to a proven solution with a record of success in the category: an online storefront, driven by the easyDocs platform. The storefront gives realtors, who often work odd hours, 24-hour access to a full range of pre-branded, professional-quality materials, including signage, business cards, note cards, stickers and more. Pieces are customizable by agent but, for brand consistency, come pre-designed with company-approved layout, color scheme and logo.


A short time after the storefront launch, the client called to express her extreme satisfaction with its functionality and ease of use, and to thank us for our responsiveness, creativity and quick turnaround. Because we helped Ohana Mist solve two of its most urgent marketing challenges, we are now their preferred printer for yard signage and company stationery.