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Online Storefront – a desert oasis for this realty business

Online Storefront – a desert oasis for this realty business

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Desert Solitude Realty is thriving in a very competitive market. Homebuyers have many choices for real estate agents, and agents have many options of who to work for. The marketing director of Desert Solitude Realty needed to create marketing materials to recruit new agents. And she also wanted an online portal where all agents could go to place orders for business cards, envelopes, letterhead, yard signs – at any hour of the day since all agents have different schedules. 


An online storefront seemed like a perfect solution for Desert Solitude to support their agent base. By directing everyone in the organization to purchase from one single vendor, they will have deeply discounted prices through economies of scale. And they were also able to achieve consistency with the materials, the products and the brand. Items ordered through the storefront include: all residential real estate signs, business cards, announcement cards, envelopes, personal note cards and stickers. 


Onboarding new agents got a lot easier after deploying an online storefront. By being able to order their marketing items online, it has given Desert Solitude a competitive edge over other realty groups in the area. They have since added three agents in the first six months, and plan to add two more in the next two months. The overall experience has been very positive with fast turnaround times on ordered items, and the flexibility to add and remove items as needed.


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