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Online Ordering Helps a Brand Grow

Online Ordering Helps a Brand Grow

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Cloud Spas has ten locations throughout the Southwest. The company has an aggressive plan for growth over the next five years. To prepare for this expansion and to ensure the consistency and integrity of their brand, the vice president of marketing, Jim, decided to implement a centralized procedure for ordering all printed materials. He had noticed some inconsistency in Cloud Spas’ brand identity due to each location manager ordering his/her own materials. In addition, several personnel at the corporate office were spending too much of their time managing the information needs of these locations.


We knew that our Dynamark easyDOCS online ordering system was the perfect solution for Cloud Spas. It allowed all administrative forms, operational documents and marketing materials to be uploaded to a customized online catalog that all Cloud Spas locations could use for ordering their materials.

First, we redesigned many of their existing materials so each adhered to the company’s branding standards. Some were recreated as templates so that each of the spa locations, when ordering, could easily just type in their specific contact information to customize the materials for their location. By updating all materials and limiting ordering through the easyDOCS online catalog, Cloud Spas was able to ensure that its customers would receive consistent information about the company, thus protecting their brand image. Also, since the easyDOCS system has a master buyer feature, the corporate office was able to control printing costs by approving all orders before they came to us for printing.

Once everyone became comfortable with the new ordering system, Cloud Spas expanded the website to include more items. They added promotional products such as sun visors, mini-towels, soaps and other beauty products imprinted with their logo that each location could order to give to their customers. These products helped the company to further market its brand.


The web-to-print online ordering system really helped Cloud Spas manage their growth. Their corporate personnel now have more time to spend on their continued growth plan tasks. In addition, Jim and his team are able to receive several types of reports from the system that help them manage their operations, their brand and their printing costs.


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