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Newsletter Gets New Look and Costs Less to Produce With Dynamark

Newsletter Gets New Look and Costs Less to Produce With Dynamark

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Case Study


The director of a local running club was experiencing some difficulties with the printing company they were using to produce their monthly member newsletter. The newsletter was being produced on an offset press, quality was inconsistent and the printer was having difficulties meeting the club’s quick turnaround deadlines.


Dynamark printed the newsletter on a new Xerox 700 digital color press, which delivered improved and consistent quality over the old offset process. In addition, Dynamark recommended the use of perfect binding instead of hand saddle stitching which was being used before and adding to the cost of the job. The new perfect binding improved the overall look of the piece while also reducing production time.


Our customer loved the new perfect binding as much as the final cost of the job, which proved to be much less than he had expected. Additionally, the editor of the newsletter was so impressed with the improved quality that he wrote an article in the first publication that Dynamark printed calling attention to the improved quality of the piece due to using a new printer.