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New Products Launch Successfully with Dynamark’s Branding Solutions

New Products Launch Successfully with Dynamark’s Branding Solutions

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Case Study


One of our customers had an idea for a complete line of specialty boutique items targeted to a specific demographic. She wanted to create a unique look and brand for this line of products, which included some printed materials. She wanted the items to have a high-quality, sophisticated appeal, while not spending a lot of money getting them produced, so she came to us for a complete branding solution.


Dynamark designed a logo that branded the entire line of products and also designed and printed marketing materials to introduce the new product line. The first piece was an invitation to a product rollout event. A banner sign was also produced for the event. Part of the product line included letterhead and notepads for resale that matched the new product branding. In addition, we ordered many promotional products and had them branded for our client to use for resale as part of the product line. These items included: mugs, tote bags, luggage tags and more.


Due to the success of this new branded product line initially sold through local boutiques only, the customer recently opened her own shop. She has been continuing to add new items to the product line, and since starting this line of products, sales have been steady and overall her business continues to grow, thanks to Dynamark’s branding solution.