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Mailing Services Help Save Time, Money and Retain Customers

Mailing Services Help Save Time, Money and Retain Customers

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Case Study


A lawn care company was experiencing much difficulty with processing their annual maintenance program mailing themselves. It was very time consuming for their staff to properly align and print the documents in a timely manner and this was affecting their ability to retain their customers through this program. They were also including a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) folded to fit into a #10 envelope. This was also costly since they were using first-class stamps on over 2500 pieces of mail.


Dynamark helped this customer by first exporting data out of the software program they were using. There were 18 fields of variable data. We then used this data to create a variable printed piece unique for each of the customer’s clients. We also suggested the client use a business reply mail (BRM) envelope instead of the folded SASE #10 so that they paid postage only on the actual pieces returned.


With the mailing services and postal discounts Dynamark was able to provide, the customer saved almost $500 on each mailing in just outgoing postage alone. They also saved money by using the BRM envelope.