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Integrated Marketing restores star-spangled joy to local fun run

Integrated Marketing restores star-spangled joy to local fun run

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Zephyr Park hosts an annual 4th of July fun run for local residents. After a decade with no changes in its race route or format, staleness had set in and participation dropped off. Parents with younger kids also complained that serious runners had co-opted the event, giving it the uneasy feel of a pro-level competition. Organizers sought to restore the event’s ‘fun factor’ and attract more families. 


Our first recommendation was to shake up the format and make it a night race, held early enough so kids and families could come. Next, we suggested a new name and logo, and applied them to an invitation, flyer and local shop-owner display banners. We also created new, patriotic-themed designs and applied them to runner race-shirts and volunteer polos. For after-dark fun, we supplied glow-in-the-dark promo items, such as selfie frames, headbands and shoe clips. Jugglers and clowns, hired by the park, complemented the festivities. 


A few days after the race, the Director of Parks called to thank us and share some of the impressive results. Not only did attendees call it the “best race ever,” the number of runners increased by 377%, mostly in the younger age groups. The goal to regain a sense of community was also achieved, as people hung out dancing and snapping selfies, until all the food and refreshments ran out.