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Integrated marketing revs up auto dealer’s growth

Integrated marketing revs up auto dealer’s growth

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In just their fourth year in business, our client had become a top-selling auto dealership, due in large part to success they enjoyed with traditional marketing. This year, after shifting mostly to in-house digital programs, sales dropped for the first time. Confused by the results and frustrated with low ROI, the GM contacted us.


After analyzing their initiatives, we recommended adding direct mail back into the mostly digital mix. We started with standard flat mailers, then later integrated Google and Facebook ads to expand campaign reach. We developed a highly targeted list of 20,000 prospects, recommending a schedule of four consecutive monthly drops of 5,000 pieces each. The full campaign included oversized postcards, a Facebook ad, and multiple pay-per-click ads. We ended the year with a car raffle. All prospects were mailed a car key and invited to stop by to try it and see if they had the winning key to start the car. The winner served as a spokesperson for a few promotions the dealer did shortly thereafter. 


The integrated campaign began in Q1 with a colorful, spring-season theme. Second-quarter metrics revealed a whopping 21% year-over-year sales increase. A similar summer/beach themed effort followed, producing a second sales bump of 13%. The final push―a festive holiday sales event and car raffle in winter―boosted sales yet again, this time by 9%, according to the GM. 


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