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Integrated Marketing helps keep neighborhood clinic afloat

Integrated Marketing helps keep neighborhood clinic afloat

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A community-based healthcare provider needed help with a marketing plan to attract more patients. They receive federal funding to deliver health and eye care services in underserved areas of the city. If the patient roster drops below a certain number, they risk losing this vital source of funding. An audit revealed a shortfall in mandated patient count, so they immediately called us for help. 


They urgently needed to sign-up new patients—and lots of them. The first thing we did was update their patient acquisition strategy to include a targeted prospect list and direct marketing plan. Next, we refreshed their branding and corporate identity, including new graphics standards, color palette and fonts. The new look was applied to an integrated outreach campaign, consisting of new: 1) EDDM™ postcards. 2) Promotional posters and flyers. 3) Exterior building signage. 4) Event-marketing promotional items, meant for use at an open house for community residents. 


Our integrated approach delivered significant results! More than 500 new patients signed on at the open house, and nearly 300 more signed on over the next 11 months. One promotion (vision screenings) doubled weekly appointments from 10 to 20, with a 78% reduction in no-shows. Thanks to our marketing help, the center continues to receive its federal funding and has regained visibility in the local community.