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Integrated Marketing Gets the Job Done

Integrated Marketing Gets the Job Done

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After five years at the same location, Jim, the owner of The Cycle Shop, a popular bike store, expanded the shop into additional retail space. This allowed him to add a new line of bikes to his inventory. With spring—his busiest season—fast approaching, Jim wanted to inform his customers about the shop’s expansion and new product line. Although the shop had a good reputation and loyal customer base, Jim had never advertised before and wasn’t sure what kind of marketing he needed to do or how to get started.


We knew The Cycle Shop needed more than just fliers and other printed materials to advertise their expansion, so we recommended they hold a weekend sale event to be promoted with an integrated direct marketing campaign. Jim had customer data in his point-of-sale system to pull together a mailing list, but he did not have any email addresses. The campaign was designed to help him obtain these so he could continue to market to his customers via email after the sale.

First, using the store’s existing customer mailing list, we employed a variety of data services to cleanse, sort, append, CASS certify, and run the data list through the NCOA. Then, we provided creative consultation to design and produce the following: point of sale counter display, sign-up form and entry box for free gift giveaway, sidewalk sandwich board signs, banner, retail window signs, direct mail postcard with personalized URL and personalized QR code, print advertisement, vehicle graphics and email marketing.

The campaign featured two response mechanisms: 1) 20% off coupon on the direct mail postcard and, 2) an entry to win a free gift if they visited their personalized Web landing page via the personalized URL or personalized QR code. The free gift incentive was also used in the email blasts and point of sales displays.


Both the direct mail postcards and emails generated high response rates that resulted in an 83% increase in revenue over the prior year’s Spring sale. Additionally, the campaign helped Jim develop a deeper relationship with his customers—one that he can continue to enrich through future email marketing campaigns.




Fictional company used to demonstrate application.