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Integrated Marketing Campaign Satisfies Results-hungry Restaurant Owners

Integrated Marketing Campaign Satisfies Results-hungry Restaurant Owners

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Zippee’s is a fast-growing restaurant franchise with multiple southeast-US locations. The company uses some traditional marketing but increasingly relies more heavily on digital methods to drive traffic. After their services provider failed to meet critical web development, social media and email marketing deadlines, the exasperated franchisor contacted us.



Predictably, quick project turnarounds topped this client’s priority list. We responded with a versatile digital solution that we managed for them in-house. First came a new ‘master’ website, with a dedicated subdomain for each location. We then integrated their knowledge platform, calendar app and social media posts, and designed new email templates for promotional offers and events. 

A second integration enabled automatic delivery of customer comments from popular review applications and directories.



By launching and managing digital projects for them, we saved the client time, money and frustration, and greatly expanded each store’s local marketing presence. Franchise owners were delighted to have their own landing pages and promotional calendars and were unanimously pleased with results from our email and social media outreach.

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