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Integrated Marketing Boosts Results Tracking

Integrated Marketing Boosts Results Tracking

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When she called us for help, the marketing manager at a local community college had no processes in place for measuring results or ROI from her direct-mail enrollment campaigns. Rather than capturing actual response data, she instead used anecdotal evidence and overall matriculation growth, neither of which could be confidently traced to her campaigns.


Using previous enrollment lists, we created a ‘look-alike’ profile of best-match high-school prospects. We implemented an integrated direct marketing program based on digital and traditional tactics, backing them up with simplified data analytics for tracking results. Leads were generated and captured through a combination of printed mailers, personalized landing pages (PURLs), and two email campaigns, which dropped over four weeks. When landing-page leads came in, the manager received an email.     


Accessible analytics quickly empowered (and delighted) the client, who agreed on a 2% response rate as the measure of success. She was even happier when the first mail drop yielded a 6%, and the second drop drew an astounding 8% response. Campaign tracking and reporting enabled the manager to share results with administrators and more accurately quantify ROI.   


Response Tracking and Reporting