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Integrated Direct Marketing  Helps Sell New Product Line

Integrated Direct Marketing Helps Sell New Product Line

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The owner of a paper and art supply store wanted to generate sales of a new line of high-end paper they had begun to carry. The store had a house mailing list of customers to whom they frequently send coupon offers, but the owner was looking for a different marketing approach.


We helped the art supply store introduce its customers to this new product line and entice them to visit the store again with an integrated direct marketing campaign. The store’s customer database is segmented into three types of customers: corporate marketing vice presidents and ad agency principals; agency designers; and enterprise creatives. The VPs and principals received a whitepaper about the cost of paper in print jobs; the agency designers were offered a small coffee-table book about design; and the enterprise group was offered an iTunes® gift card. We printed and mailed the art supply store’s customers a self-mailer containing the appropriate targeted offer along with a personalized URL that invited them to visit their personal web page to learn more about the new product line and to redeem their offer. Questions asked on the webpage helped the store determine what other products were used and/or needed by these groups. 


Targeting the premium offer to something more likely to appeal to the recipient helped the art supply store increase response to its mailing. Fourteen percent of the recipients visited the website and 20% of the visitors completed the questionnaire. The store owner noticed a significant increase in sales over the three months following the campaign.


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