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Hotel Franchise Supports Properties with Online Storefront

Hotel Franchise Supports Properties with Online Storefront

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Boutique Hospitality Ltd. (BHL) is a private hotel group that licenses its upscale bed-and-breakfast concept, Hadley Grove, to 103 independent operators in the U.S. Many of the properties are in historic buildings, making each one physically unique. Because the properties vary in appearance, BHL wanted to strengthen brand identity and ensure brand consistency with its marketing collaterals and amenities. They also wanted to consolidate vendors, track ordering activity, and improve the accessibility of marketing materials to all of their operators.


BHL was a perfect candidate for an online storefront solution that would allow its B&B owners to order a range of supplies from a centralized online storefront. A group of 12 key owners and the BHL marketing team identified 150 items to offer, including door hangers, menus, brochures, stationery, signage, robes, shirts, umbrellas and vehicle graphics. The website ordering tool, called Hadley Direct, took three months to build. While under development, we promoted it to the owner network with an email and an informational packet. Upon launch, owners had the option to learn the system via online tutorial or live webinar. To encourage trial and fast adoption, they were given 20% off all orders for the first month.


Hadley Direct was a success, with 100% owner participation within the first 70 days. More than 150 high-demand items were included in the online storefront, and requests for others are ongoing. Real-time order tracking allows BHL to closely monitor sales and plan or modify product offerings. By having us design and print their internal and external marketing pieces and supply their promotional products and amenities, BHL succeeded in consolidating vendors and streamlining operations. Best of all, they’re able to offer competitive rates to their owners while ensuring brand consistency. At a six-month follow-up meeting, BHL reported that Hadley Direct had generated enough revenue to pay for itself.


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