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Hospital Relaunch Necessitates Signage Overhaul

Hospital Relaunch Necessitates Signage Overhaul

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Gulfport Hospital was preparing to relocate into a new building. To commemorate, they planned an open house that would host different events for various groups: internal staff, the public, doctors from other hospitals, donors and a few other private events. Although a large marketing firm in another state was hired to manage the entire scope of the project, including themes, food, swag, entertainment, guest speakers and more, the hospital came to us to produce the majority of the signage locally.


The hospital didn’t have to worry about the hassles of shipping, as the signage was being produced and stored locally at our shop so that the items could be delivered as needed to limit damage and misplaced products. We printed and installed the elevator graphics, wall graphics, window graphics, floor graphics, hanging signs, meterboards (banner stands), and interior and exterior directional signage. 


The results of this event signage project were outstanding. We even completed some last-minute pieces that were added as the project progressed. During the series of events, the client expected around 20,000 visitors, but ended up close to 30,000. And, because the project went so smoothly, they hired us again to handle signage for their other events as well.