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From Standard Logo to Gym Floor Graphic In the Nick of Time

From Standard Logo to Gym Floor Graphic In the Nick of Time

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Case Study


A city civic center was just hours away from the start of a national tournament basketball game and by contract they had to have a graphic image of their logo on the gym floor by the start of the game. They needed it produced and applied within the next six hours.


The marketing director of the civic center, a customer of ours who knew our reputation for quality and fast turnaround, called us to help. Through our graphic design and prepress services, we optimized the logo image provided to us to ensure production quality when reproduced at the large size required for the basketball court floor. Then, we printed and laminated it and arrived at the arena just two hours before game time and applied it to the floor for our client.


Our attention to detail and fast-turnaround helped our customer avoid being fined if they did not have the logo graphic in place for a televised game. At Dynamark, we do what it takes to get the job done!