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From a Rocky Road to Smooth Sailing

From a Rocky Road to Smooth Sailing

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Rockfield Realty had been working with a small marketing agency for many years that managed collateral, signage, mailing and fulfillment for the realty group. Over time, Rockfield started noticing a progressive decline in the quality of the agency’s work. Each project was going through an inordinate number of revisions to get it right. Additionally, they started to see an issue with their yard signs delaminating and not holding up like they used to. Maybe it was time for a change.


Referred by a colleague in a networking group, Rockfield Realty called us to discuss their marketing needs. It started out small, just talking about yard signs. We earned the business and delivered under budget, on time and with a quality product they were pleased with. Once we captured their trust, we were invited to participate in an RFP for a rebrand and a complete overhaul of their entire collateral portfolio. This included:

Creation of a new, modern look and feel that was appropriate for their locale

A direct mail campaign to specific zip codes and homebuilders

A direct mail campaign for past and potential home buyers

Follow-up thank you mailers

Creation and print of pocket folders

A “meet-the-team” flyer

Promotional items, which they hadn’t originally considered. They chose an assortment of custom stickers, door hangers, notepads, holiday cards and thank you cards.

Customized signage for each agent with their image and contact information.


Rockfield Realty drove a very aggressive direct mail campaign, which paid off in just a few months. They quickly went from two agents to six, tripling their team in one year. Over that time, Rockfield has become very reliant on their new integrated marketing vendor to keep them up to date on any fresh, new marketing, promotional or signage ideas.