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Direct Mail Refresh showcases client’s creativity

Direct Mail Refresh showcases client’s creativity

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Richardson Associates, a successful and highly creative events strategy-and-planning firm, started out serving clients in the high-tech arena. Growth came quickly and staff size tripled in 22 months. The speed and scale of expansion made the firm’s capabilities brochure outdated and obsolete. Seeking a professional refresh, they contacted us.


Creativity and innovative thinking are essential for success in the event-planning industry. After exploring the client’s strategic goals and objectives, we helped them develop a new positioning strategy which accurately conveyed their updated brand personality and creative service offerings. We then integrated the information into a versatile new brochure that could be mailed or left behind after meetings. The refreshed design featured contemporary graphics and unique folds.  


Production time was shortened as the client’s important industry tradeshow was coming very soon. We met the challenge and delivered the brochures early. Our contact was super-grateful, rewarding us with personal thanks and a glowing Yelp review, which read, in part: “The demands we put on you would crush other companies! Thanks for always having our backs.”