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Dentist Increases Referrals With Personalized Campaign

Dentist Increases Referrals With Personalized Campaign

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Miles Specialty Dentistry is the office of Dr. Grant Miles, a cosmetic dentist whose patients are referrals from general dentists. Dr. Grant wanted to increase awareness of his practice among general dentists in his area with the objective of growing referrals. In addition to simply marketing his services to dentists, he wanted to create a “club” of dentistry professionals that could become a social and professional networking community.


We evaluated Dr. Grant’s objectives and his budget, and proposed an integrated direct marketing campaign using direct mail and a personalized URL. We purchased a data list of 450 general dentists in several surrounding zip codes, and designed a postcard containing a pURL and a QR code, both of which routed the prospect to a landing page with a survey. The survey asked questions designed to encourage the dentists to request a referral card packet and to join the networking club. The incentive to visit the pURL and fill out the survey was a $25 Visa gift card. The mailing was scheduled to go out a total of four times over the course of six months. The list was scrubbed with returned mail removed between mailings.


The results of this campaign defied conventional response metrics. In addition, we learned that the real gauge of success in this case was the amount of business closed. Dr. Grant surpassed his all-time referral record after the fourth mailing. With a $24,000 average annual value per referring dentist, this investment will pay for itself many times over. The campaign garnered a 7.91% visit rate and a 5.76% response rate. Eleven area dentists joined his networking group.