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Creative Marketing  Gets New Customers, Revives Old Ones

Creative Marketing Gets New Customers, Revives Old Ones

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Blue Ribbon Cleaners, a suburban dry cleaning and laundering business, has been family owned and operated for 50 years. They wanted to increase their residential market share to diversify their client base, increase revenues, and keep their facilities running at optimal capacity. They also wanted to increase awareness of their free home pick-up and delivery service.


We worked with Blue Ribbon to formulate a coupon-based campaign that would more deeply penetrate the upscale residential neighborhoods they were already serving. Working with their 50th anniversary, we went with a retro-inspired theme and suggested a full overhaul of their corporate branding.

For prospects, we created a door hanger that resembled a pair of pants on a real hanger and included four coupons. For existing customers, we made a coupon “wallet” with two kinds of offers: a “thank you” offer, and a “come again” coupon. Leveraging the shop’s 50 successful years, we also suggested and helped to implement a yearlong public relations and marketing event.


The PR campaign was a success and garnered coverage in the local media that brought in many new customers. The residential coupon program resulted in a projected increase of $15,000 annually. The residential push was a big boost in business delivery; the response rate was 40% overall and 90% at one company alone. The coupon wallets garnered a 72% return rate for the “thank you” program, and 38% for customer reactivation.