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Colorful Signage and Direct Mail Help Build Attendance at Events

Colorful Signage and Direct Mail Help Build Attendance at Events

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A private country club was having difficulty building attendance at their monthly events. They hosted luncheons, dinners, holiday brunches and other events such as movie nights and casino nights. The club had been experiencing only a 55% attendance rate, but to make their events profitable they needed to achieve a much higher attendance rate. They were not sure about how to best cross-sell these events to their club members.


While visiting the country club staff to learn more about their property and event locations, we learned that they were using only simple black-and-white signs and flyers for announcing their upcoming events, so we helped them create full-color communication vehicles including laminated posters. The visual attractiveness of the new posters caught the attention of many club members and essentially drew larger crowds to the events. We also designed and printed table tent cards for the club dining room tables to help market the events even more. For each event, our professional graphic designers created a unique design theme that was used on the posters, table tents and full-color flyers for cohesive branding and messaging.

In addition to the improved on-property marketing mediums, we designed full-color direct mail postcards for each event. The cards were mailed to the members twice, the first one month before the event and the second one week before the event. Each card also contained a list of other upcoming events in a Save the Date area.


The first set of posters, table tents, flyers and direct mail postcards we created for the country club generated an 80% attendance rate, and subsequent materials created for other events helped achieved 100% capacity. By the fourth event, the new marketing vehicles had generated so much interest that the country club had to expand their events to accommodate more members.