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Childcare Company Uses Unique Approach to Reach Parents

Childcare Company Uses Unique Approach to Reach Parents

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Case Study


Our customer, a childcare company, was looking for a unique way to drive parents of potential students to their facility for a personal tour to entice the parents into enrolling their child into one of the company’s childcare programs.


We created a variable direct mail campaign that included a personalized URL. First, we helped the company purchase a mailing list of the ideal prospect for them based on geography, income level and age of children living at home. The marketing piece included an offer of a $500 discount if the prospect visited their personalized URL website page and answered a short survey on their childcare needs. On the website they were presented with an option to enroll at a discounted rate. If they agreed to an on-site tour, an email was sent directly to the company notifying them of the prospect’s interest and triggering a representative to contact them by phone and arrange a tour.


The direct marketing campaign was very successful for the childcare company. They booked 34 tours and 19 prospects on the initial mailing list became customers.