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Car Bar Auto Supply Turbocharges Its Integrated Marketing

Car Bar Auto Supply Turbocharges Its Integrated Marketing

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Car Bar Auto Supply wanted to take advantage of a changing marketplace where the other supply stores in the neighborhood were consolidating. They saw a unique opportunity to do something different that would position them as a high-tech supplier with the staff in place to fulfill auto parts orders while also supporting the repair industry’s needs for highly specialized auto parts. The parts supervisor wanted to use a unique and memorable mailing piece that could also be executed on social platforms.


Car Bar Auto Supply needed to tell their story with more then just a mail piece, so we designed and created an oversized postcard with an embedded video and utilized Layer augmented reality software to bring the video to life from the printed piece. The solution consisted of the following:

• A video that highlighted the face and personality of the company and introduced the service team at Car Bar Auto Supply. It was important to the client to position the company as having the largest selection of parts and the best customer service. The video gave a promotional code for the viewer to get an additional discount on their order.

• An oversized direct mail postcard was used to promote the video, which was embedded into the printed piece using augmented reality to bring the postcard to life. The client felt it was the right solution for positioning his business as the high-tech leader in auto parts. The image used on the postcard was a screen shot image of the first frame of the video.

• The postcard included a discounted offer for all immediate callers to a trackable phone number, along with a call to action to watch the video and get a code for an additional discount offer.

• The video was also used on the company’s social media sites: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


The result of this direct marketing project was a 19% increase in part sales directly attributed to the mailer and the reactivation of nine clients. Additionally, numerous comments were made about the “cool” postcard on the recorded phone call number.