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Brand Image Improved Thanks to Dynamark’s Marketing Solutions

Brand Image Improved Thanks to Dynamark’s Marketing Solutions

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Case Study


A small local hospital had high administration employee turnover and a poor image in the community. It competed with more renowned hospitals in a nearby metropolitan city and was struggling to find a way to improve its brand image to attract more local residents to utilize its services and facilities. In addition, the marketing manager had quit and another V.P. and other staff members were put in charge of marketing, something they were unprepared for.


We talked with the V.P. about our marketing services and how we could help her create a marketing plan focused on branding initiatives. Since changing a brand image isn’t something that happens overnight, our plan included a full year of activities such as a direct mail survey, a major health-fare event at their hospital, a quarterly newsletter, and graphic design services for freshening up their logo and existing branded materials.


The direct mail survey, which contained a discount offer from a popular local grocery store, yielded an 8.6% response rate. Feedback from the survey helped the hospital better understand the areas of their business that needed improvement. The event was also a huge success, which generated positive media coverage for the hospital and exposed more people to learning about their services and facilities. The first quarterly newsletter we designed and produced was a recap of the event showing many photos as well as a listing of hospital services and department phone numbers. One of the hospital’s department heads reported that their numbers were up since the event and their image in the community is definitely changing to a more positive one.