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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

in Case Studies


Pattern maker A Stitch in Time had done very well establishing itself in its niche community. So well, in fact, that as business steadily grew, owners Gayle and Lori found themselves taking on more of the tactical and logistical responsibilities of running day-to-day operations, which pulled them away from developing new products. And while this was a great problem to have, there had to be a smarter and more efficient way of doing business. Working in the business instead of on the business was not sustainable for long-term growth.


After Gayle and Lori expressed their frustrations with their current business processes, we suggested an online storefront website. This solution would not only help with order processing and tracking, but would also provide a platform in which the business could reach a wider audience. An online storefront would allow customers to purchase products such as patterns, supplies, and books, as well as enroll in stitchery classes online. Supported by ecommerce and an integrated merchant account that can process payments, it would free up the time Gayle and Lori were spending taking phone orders. Customers would pay through the ecommerce online storefront via credit card.


After one year using the new ordering website, sales increased, new clients were gained and now Gayle and Lori have time to focus on creating new products and classes and writing new books.
In the first year of the online storefront, A Stitch in Time generated $60,000 in new business from existing customers and obtained new customers who were able to find them through the Internet and order online. The incremental business came from customers A Stitch in Time never would have found without the presence of their online storefront.


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