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A Change to Tradition  Elevates Trooper Visibility and Saves Money

A Change to Tradition Elevates Trooper Visibility and Saves Money

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The director of print and media for the local comptroller’s office was interested in vehicle wraps for their state trooper vehicles but based on some research she had done thus far, she was concerned by the quality of the wrap material and getting buy-in from within the organization. She invited us to meet with the head
of purchasing to discuss the potential project. 


A large obstacle to getting this project off the ground was that state trooper vehicles had been painted since 1929, and departure from tradition was not going to be easy. Traditional painting was all they knew and anything else was simply incomprehensible. While we conveyed our expertise in this area and explained the quality and longevity of the 3M wrap materials, as well as the quality of systems in place for output and installation, the customer needed a little more confidence that their quality standards would be met. 

We offered to test wrap a vehicle, which was very well received by the lieutenants and captains, and ended up allowing us to submit a proposal, which was accepted. The project encompassed 148 vehicle wraps each year. We delivered six wrapped cars each week. 


By migrating away from custom painted vehicles, the overall cost savings was $2,200 per vehicle. This cost savings was aggregated to include the original custom paint job and the subsequent paint job to remove the law enforcement signage to later resell the vehicle. By transitioning to a vehicle wrap, essentially two paint jobs were eliminated. The head of purchasing was extremely impressed with the quality and how easy it was for us to get this done for them. 


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